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Nest Homestead, Kudal.

At Nest we have added luxurious walk in and a rest room, we injected natural light by introducing glass tiles, also clay wind pullers made on similar lines of Mangalore tiles were added to the roof though the rooms are equipped with modern systems, we also preferred to add traditional elements to handle climetalogy and retain the sustainable vernacular language which flows accross the site through our architectural concept for Nest homestead.

The name Nest Homestead came from the site itself as this place is a paradise when it comes for bird sighting, so each zone was named after with bird species which visit the site frequently, so names like Dhanesh Angan, Mayur Angan, Gomet Angan,Khandya Angan,( Angan is Marathi word for premises) these are local names for Hornbill, Minivet and Peacock and Kingfisher, what we see here is around 50 species of birds, a Giant squirrel at times and exotic veriety of Blue Mormon butterflies, it gave us further opportunity to create an inclusive landscape with use of variety of plants and trees that suite them.

Art is engaging and creates a memory out of architecture and space, it also induces sensitivity in human mind, right from traditional local vernacular art elements of embellishments painted on the wall adorning the entrance door to the typography designed which is engraved in wooden logs which makes these signages ,to sculptures and installations, even the arrangement of smallest accessories and art, we just enjoyed the process, its a pleasure at another level when your client is an Architect and a master craftsman himself.

Architecture is beyond walls and doors, its being inclusive, it involves sound of birds, visuals of blue and white butterflies, its sound of gushing water and all this encompasses with the earthen red, the micro concrete grey flooring in the rooms and bathrooms, the red laterite of Konkan, the bamboo, smell of cashew-nut oil ,the scent of earth, and we have tried our best to make a symphony with our orchestra through Nest Homestead, a luxury boutique resort which is very much grounded and blends with mother earth.

We Invite you please come, experience and explore nature.

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